Children of Nimón

Chapter Two

To The Lady's Rest

The group set off to find the Lady’s Rest. While traveling, they come upon a strange, ogre-like creature in search of metal. The party confront him and find that he employs a pair of large, magical swords. Dee is severely injured in battle; Ish comes to her aid and in a moment of desperation, reveals his true nature when he magically heals her.
The group defeats the ogre and takes his swords before finding the Lady’s Rest. The group splits up: Ish, Lavanya, Sheera, and Dee have an audience with the Lady while Crux’xia and Alan stay behind. In the Lady’s hideout, the Lady herself speaks of a familiarity with Ish that drives her into a panic.
Topside, Crux’xia is entranced by what she believes is a vision of her long-abandoned monestary appearing in the woods. Alan watches as she wanders towards the edge of a cliff and sees her body set upon by dozens of long, transparent tentacles that descend from the sky. Before he can free her, he too is seized by the same tentacles which both begin to drag them up into the sky.



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