Children of Nimón

Chapter Four

Run Like Hell

We begin this session with our party split yet again into two groups- the Settlement Party has the majority of the people and supplies, and the Runaway Party consists of Crux’xia, Lavanya, Rune, and one of the bandits that survived the attack on the beach camp. The Settlement party eventually encounters a caravan of insectoid creatures who trade a life-draining battleaxe for Alan’s chain mail, before going on their way, and the party goes on to find a place to call their new home. There, they build a smokestack, a longhouse with a tower, a stable, and an emergency hiding spot. Alan and Sheera construct defences for the settlement.
Once reunited with the rest of their party, Lavanya and Crux’xia learn that for them, two weeks have passed since leaving the beach, compared to their one week separated. As Alan and Sheera focus on strengthening the camp’s defenses and Ish turns his attention towards providing the group with fresh vegetables to sustain themselves, Crux’xia confronts the bandit captain who reveals to her the nature of he and his group’s presence on the expedition. In retaliation, Crux’xia fells the bandit captain much to the shock of Lady Aelia. She has Crux’xia apprehended.



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