Children of Nimón

Chapter Five

Bump in the Night

A day passed since the murder of Estrod at the hands of Crux’xia. The monk was confined to a large rock near the edge of the sanctuary and awaiting interrogation as the others went about their duties. Overnight, Ish managed to grow crops of his own, while Alan resumed training two of the more promising fighters in the company. Dee spent her day gambling, eating, and map making. Lavanya came to Crux’xia searching for answers, but the monk remained silent despite the wizard’s more sincere attempts to get her to open up. Lavanya also took the mysterious blades to Bruus to investigate. He helped determine two things: that one was too damaged to use, but that the other could be attuned by Lavanya and possibly even wielded by her with enough understanding and training over the magic used to operate them.

On the third day, Lady Aehlia gathered those in the company to witness the interrogation. When asked “why?”, Crux’xia was mum at first, only hinting at Estrod’s ties to a greater threat. Though she tried her best to convince Aehlia, her words fell on deaf ears, and finally Aehlia reminded Crux’xia that she could either inquire on good faith or by divine force. Crux’xia broke down and began to reveal not only more about Estrod’s employer, but his ties to her: a being known only as The Arcanist kept Crux’xia and dozens more of other half-breed (half-elves, half-orcs, dragonborn) as test subjects for cruel, arcane experiments which Crux’xia managed to escape.

Crux’xia ended her confession by pledging her allegiance to the safety of the company. Aehlia agreed to let her go and together, the party had their first official group dinner under one roof. Over a hearty dinner prepared by Ish, Sheera and Alan discussed ways to develop a forge for the compound as Dee seemed preoccupied by her maps. Lavanya used this downtime to rely her and Crux’xia’s hellish journey through Nimón to rejoin the others. Two figures in her story - the horned scarecrow who guided them to safety and the mysterious pale rider who led an army of the weird, faceless creatures that attacked them- stirred theories about this new world in Ish, and how it might relate to the gods themselves.

Over the past three days, a slight rapping had been heard behind the cellar door, but mostly ignored as it was assumed to either be some kind of vermin. Midway through dinner though, the gentle rattle swelled to an intense banging, like fists beating against the wooden door trying to escape. Dee stayed with the rest of the group as the others went to investigate.

As the party approached the cellar door, it burst open with a powerful gust of wind; then, silence. Lavanya understood this wind to be arcane in nature, and out of curiosity, descended into the cellar first. The others followed, and inside, all seemed calm, aside from a pair of large barrels among the rest of their goods, one of which seemed to be leaking some strange pale powder. Ish successfully determined that the powder was actually finely-ground bone, and upon further investigation, noticed that the pile seemed to swirl and gather on its own on the floor, as if struggling to reach out for something. Ish asked Sheera for her waterskin; she obliged and Ish drizzled a couple drops into the pile. The powder suddenly began to teem and coalesce into a solid mass before their eyes!

Sheera and Crux’xia went back to the surface to fetch Bruus and Lady Aehlia to see if they might have answers regarding the strange barrels. They returned with Bruus and Lady Aehlia in tow and together they investigated the barrels. Though they had stamps from Artan, Aehlia plead that she had no idea how these barrels came to appear in their inventory. Bruus looked the contents over but had no real insight to their nature. Excitedly, Ish showed off just how quickly the bone dust had developed: in his hand, the once undefinable mass had now shaped itself into a femur bone that seemed to continue to develop. At Crux’xia’s urging, Bruus set fire to the contents of the mysterious barrels (much to Ish’s disappointment, but leaving Alan with iron to use in future projects!)

Before the party decided to head back up top, Alan and Lavanya continued to search the rest of the cellar and came upon a strange entrance whose threshold had carved into it some very dark warnings in dwarven runes:


They peaked through and found a long, dark corridor, the apparent end of which had standing in it a bipedal entity. In the darkness, its features were hard to determine, but the being appeared large, and horned…

Ish’s Tarot Readings
Past: Two of Wands R & Ace of Cups
Despite landing in a new land of Wonder, Trouble and Fear, our colonists have managed to scrounge together a place for themselves. A new home.

Present: The Devil and the Hanged Man
A violence has been committed, one rooted in deep emotion. Their fate would seem all but certain, but an element would turn such assumptions upside-down.

Future: Page of Wands & The Lovers R
A young man will seek a young woman, hoping to fix a failed relationship between them. Either that or he seeks her despite their failings.



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